The Movie Star Body- Advanced- (28 Day Project)

Rs. 5,999.00 Rs. 2,499.00
  • Daily 45-minute live workouts that can be accessed anytime (if you miss the live event or just want a repeat! 😏 )
  • Get a trainer watching your form, keeping you motivated, and answering your questions 
  • Comprehensive and customized meal plans tailored to your requirements, plus speak to our nutritionist on request for all queries!

The stage is set... Are you ready to dig deep? Join us as we commence...

Movie Star Body: Advanced!

Starting August 22nd , we'll take you through 4 weeks of fat-scorching, muscle-building workouts that will ignite your metabolism and get you maximum results! 

This is where strength training  🏋🏾‍♂️  meets plyometrics  🤸🏽‍♂️  meets boxing 🤼‍♂️ meets kickboxing 🥋 ...

In other words, it's where your calories come to cry! 

This program is built for people who:

  • Want to take their fitness to the next level
  • Want to perfect their boxing/kickboxing technique
  • Want to build muscle and get lean

But that's not all...

For the first time ever, each week's workouts will prepare you for weekly challenges- you will participate against other competitors in our Arena to be entered into our Hall of Fame! The final winner (calculated through a cumulative point system) will win an Apple Watch and the top 10 contenders get BoxFit goodies!

What You Need to Know

🎯 Goal: scorch fat, build muscle

⌛ Workout Duration: 40 mins

📅 Total program duration: 28 days (LIVE workouts Mon-Sat)

🏋️‍♂️ Equipment Required: Dumbbells (non-negotiable!)

🕒 Locker Room timings: 9 am, 8 pm

📝 Method: Plyometric + strength building + boxing workouts

📞 Community: 24/7 WhatsApp and phone support

🥗 Nutrition:
Personalised meal plans designed for your preferences

Here's what's going to happen next:

1. You will be sent a welcome email (check your inbox and spam!) with a link to your customized dashboard. Log in using your email address and unique secret code (which will be shared in your welcome email!)

2. Once you've logged in, you'll see a nutrition questionnaire link. Fill that in so we can get started on your diet plan!

3. Our in-house nutritionist will send back your custom meal plan over email and WhatsApp. We'll also send them in a handy PDF format so you can view the plan easily on your devices!

4. Before the program starts, you'll be placed in a dedicated WhatsApp group (if that's the option you selected). Otherwise, you will get all relevant information, including the live class link, sent directly to you on WhatsApp

5. Meanwhile, you can get started with some of our free workouts! Download the Boxfit@Home app:

Once you download the app, please start with (and enjoy) our FREE beginner series to build your strength and conditioning (NOTE: Don't register on the app yet, just browse and enjoy our free content. You'll be sent login instructions soon!)

So leave the thinking to us! Let's kick some 2021 ass!


  • Who can do this program?
    If you've been working out for a while (for e.g. successfully completed our MSB Project) and think you want to push yourself more, then this program is for you! We recommend people who have been working out and now want to see serious results to join this program.
  • When are the classes?
    Classes will be Mon-Sat, You can join any one of the Locker Room timings. 
  • When will I get my meal plan?
    Once you've filled out the form on your dashboard (login info will be shared in your Welcome Email), we'll send you your customised meal plan (plus recipes!) there so you can access it at any time!
  • Will my meal plan be personalised to me?
    Your meal plans are customized according to your goal, and are based on the optimum nutritional approach we recommend for best results. However, if you wish to personalize your meal plan based on preferences or unavailability of certain ingredients, then drop us a message and we'll connect you with our nutrition team!
  • Can I eat home-cooked food?
    Yes! In fact, we encourage it. When you're eating home-cooked food, you get full control over the recipe, which results in healthier, more nutritious food!
  • Will I get a list of items to buy beforehand?
    Yes, we'll send you a shopping list in the same email with your personalised nutrition plan. Keep an eye on your inbox!
  • Will I be added to a WhatsApp group?
    Once your registration is complete, you'll be added to a WhatsApp group that will have your Team Leader for the duration of the program. Your Team Leader is a mix of motivator, sensei, and cheerleader, so if you have any questions, they're just a message away!
  • How do I speak to my trainers?
    You can message your Team Leaders on your shared WhatsApp group whenever you want, so feel free to reach out!
  • What equipment will I need for this program?
    You'll need dumbbells and resistance bands for this program to get the max benefits!

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