In-Studio Personal Training - Rockstar
In-Studio Personal Training - Rockstar
Rs. 2,950.00 - Rs. 191,295.00
Yoga Mats
Yoga Mats
Rs. 1,999.00

Personal Training - Home

Rs. 35,000.00
  • Train with our elite BoxFit trainers from the comfort of your own home
  • Get a training program designed entirely around your needs, lifestyle, and goals
  • Have accountability, guidance, and constant support through every step of your journey!

Why Should You Start Personal Training:

Get Personalised Attention
When you train with a BoxFit trainer, you get a trainer, coach, cheerleader, and taskmaster! They help you reach your fitness goals while supporting you throughout the journey...
Be Challenged
Your BoxFit trainer is here to make sure you challenge yourself, safely. Our trainers ensure that you are pushed past your comfort zone, but in a manner that's safe yet effective!
Stay Accountable to Your Goals
Our trainers will keep you on track for YOUR goals! They'll monitor, adjust, encourage, oversee, and guide you to your fitness goals! There's no escaping us now...

Banging beats, killer workouts, and a sweat sesh that keeps you coming back for more... Sound familiar?

Well, we're about to take it up a notch!

Yep, it's BoxFit's personal training, now in your very own home!

The Details

Book a session
If you're in our selected radius (swipe to see our serviced locations), you're in luck! Just grab your package (FYI, validity is 1 month) and our team will be in touch to schedule your sessions

Not in Our Radius?
No worries! We offer MSB: Red Carpet where you get a full nutrition plan, along with 1-1 personal training with our awesome trainers!

Train with the best that India has to offer! 

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