The BOXFIT Guide To Losing 2kg Or More This Week Without Changing Your Diet (or spending a single rupee)


Is that possible? I mean, is it REALLY possible that you could drop 2kg in a week without making a single change to how you currently eat or radically changing your exercise program? Most personal trainers and fat loss experts will tell you ‘no’. In fact, they’ll probably go further than that by claiming that such a feat is pretty much impossible as losing fat is about nothing more or nothing less than calories in vs calories out.

Burn more calories than you eat, they’ll tell you, and you lose fat, eat more than you burn and you’ll gain. But they’d be wrong. On both counts!

Whilst it’s true that calorie intake contributes to overall body mass, it’s not the only, nor indeed the most important factor. If it were then those who go on very low calorie diets would ALL drop tons of weight (and they don’t) and those who eat chocolate and cake and pizza every week would all be super-obese and, as we know, neither case is true. Although we are not suggesting to go out on a chocolate, cake and pizza eating binge!!

We all know many people who seem to be permanently on a diet yet who struggle to lose even the smallest amount and we also know people who can eat what they want in the most obscene portions yet never gain a gram or, worse still, show off amazing six-pack abs despite ‘doing everything wrong’.

Why is that?

Well, it’s not too tricky really. No smoke and mirrors or ’secrets’ that any of the rest of us couldn’t employ immediately to get great fat loss results for ourselves. It’s not just calories and activity that’s for sure.

It’s about hormones.

It’s about balancing the hormones that course through our veins every waking moment of our lives so that they work in our favor rather than against us. And this first ’secret’ I’m going to share with you is about rebalancing one of the most important hormones of them all, Cortisol.

This ’super hormone’ is our body’s anti-stress hormone which is designed to help us re-stabilize and rebalance the body when our system becomes overloaded with physical, emotional and environmental stress. Trouble is, if it remains elevated for too long (due to the daily stresses of modern day life) then it wreaks havoc on the body, cannibalizing your muscle tissues, affecting the other hormones in your body and, effectively, putting your metabolism in reverse gear.

There are numerous things you can do to re-balance your cortisol and we’ll be discussing many of them over the coming weeks but by far the most important approach you can employ right away is the very simplest of all. It costs you nothing, requires no pills, powders or shakes. It doesn’t ask you to count calories, change your eating habits or start exercising daily in order to burn off fat. It requires just one thing.

Go to bed earlier.


Go to bed earlier? Are you serious?

Yes we are!

Seriously, the most important thing you could possibly do to bring your cortisol levels down and immediately start to reboot your metabolism into fast fat burning mode is to get to bed earlier.

Why does this work?

Well, without getting super technical about it, the body works on what’s called a  ‘circadian rhythm‘ meaning that a cycle of activities repeat themselves on a daily basis. Part of that rhythm naturally sees cortisol reach its low point between about 10pm and 2am with a peak in growth hormone and testosterone/estrogen at the same time. 

This is a perfect design from a fat loss perspective as it allows for maximum muscle repair and growth (meaning increased metabolism) and minimal stress and breakdown (meaning slower metabolism). The problem is, when you habitually stay up watching TV or answering emails beyond 10.30 at the latest, you’re causing your metabolism to shift the other way. Cortisol stays high, growth hormone stays low and your internal environment simply cannot do what it’s supposed to do in terms of efficient fat burning.

If all of this talk of hormones is freaking you out, don’t. The message is VERY simple.

Get to bed by 10pm to 10.30pm at the very latest is you’re serious about burning fat fast.

You may not 100% believe that this’ll work for you but that’s not necessary right now. Just suspend your disbelief and give it a go and see what happens. If you’re like the majority of our BoxFit at Home App users, after just a week of earlier bedtimes and better quality sleep you’ll see a 2-3kg reduction in fat levels from this one strategy alone.

In fact, this fat loss technique is so powerful that when combined with proper nutrition, exercise and in some cases, a hormone rebalancing supplement program, many people will lose twice that amount over the course of the week.

Why not try it for yourself? Get to bed every night by 10.30pm for 7 days and then come back here and post here what kind of results you’re getting. 

Go on, put us on the spot and make us prove that this works : )

Are you up for the BoxFit 7 Day Sleep Challenge? Give it a go from this evening.

Sweet Dreams.

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