Healthy Breakfast Options To Supercharge Your Mornings


Is breakfast your favorite meal of the day? If you’re getting tired of your normal breakfast options or need some healthy inspiration, this is the perfect time to do a reset and form a new morning routine. And whether or not you’re a morning person, here at BOXFIT we want to make sure you start your day the way you mean to go on. 

We asked the team here at BOXFIT for their favorite healthy breakfast options that set them up for success throughout the day, whether on-the-go or right at home.

Why Breakfast?

Let’s start with the why. Mornings may not be your favorite time of day, but here at BOXFIT we encourage you to make time and dig into a healthy breakfast option to start off strong. The word breakfast literally ‘breaks the fast. Your body usually hasn’t had any nourishment for 8-12 hours, so it’s a good idea to jumpstart your metabolism and fuel your body for the day.

Making time for breakfast will not only support a strong morning but can have an effect on your entire day. You will feel less hungry overall and will not feel as fatigued. One helpful way to look at how to structure your meals throughout the day is as follows...  

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper – fuel early and go to bed with a trim tummy.

BOXFIT Power-charged Breakfasts 

Setting aside some extra time in the morning can allow for creating so many different healthy breakfast options. 


First up is our scrambled eggs and spinach with a side of avocado toast and berries. With multiple nutritional perks, this is a delicious and nutritious breakfast to take the time to make at home. 

Eggs give you a good dose of long lasting protein (mushrooms are an optional but added boost of protein and antioxidants), the toast is good carbs that will fuel your morning, the avocado provides good fat and the blueberries are awesome antioxidants. Enjoy this with one cup of black coffee too.


Make a nutritious cocoon for breakfast ingredients with a wholemeal wrap. We’ve included protein-rich eggs and avocado to add good fats to this burrito


We used to think that an egg-white omelette couldn’t be as good as a “real” omelette. We were wrong. This omelette is fluffy and delicious and should be a breakfast staple. Fill with your vegetables of choice inside the omelette (onion, tomato, spinach/other green veg).


An option that could be good for both at home or on-the-go is Greek Yogurt topped with nuts, blueberries, strawberries, seeds, oats (or granola) and cinnamon.

Plain Greek yogurt is high in protein and calcium, the berries provide antioxidants and the oats give a nice crunch and dose of fibre and the walnuts and flax contain healthy fats.

Fun fact: cinnamon is great for helping to stabilize blood sugar.

Overnight Oats

If you’re pressed for time in the morning, a quick healthy breakfast option that we love is overnight oats. Add 1/2 cup organic oats to a mug, top it with half a banana, cinnamon, 1/2 cup blueberries, and unsweetened almond milk. Then pop a lid on it and keep it in the fridge overnight so first thing in the morning, you can grab it and go!

Protein Pancakes

Pumpkin protein pancakes are quick and easy to make and are quite possibly the BEST weekend breakfast that all the family will love. They’re made with only 7 simple ingredients, are packed with flavor, loaded with protein, and are just overall a delicious breakfast anyone will enjoy!

Anabolic French Toast

If you are a fan of french toast then this high-protein french toast recipe is something you will enjoy. This healthy twist is deceivingly flavorful and packed with 32 grams of protein per serving to help you start your day off right. 

Top with your choice of berries or your choice of nut butter with sliced bananas - delicious!

Green Glow Smoothie

This is our current favorite smoothie in the studio right now. Using frozen fruits and vegetables keeps it extra cold and thick, and means it's super quick to whip up.

Chocolate Blueberry Shake

Chocolate for breakfast? Why not when it is as delicious as this shake. It’s extremely easy to whip up in a blender, and it uses nutritious ingredients we typically have on hand.

It’s a naturally sweet way to curb your sweets craving! And if you are a chocoholic: it hits the spot of your chocolate craving without the sugar rush. 

Wake-Up and Date Protein Shake Recipe

This is one of those protein shakes that proves you can have your cake and eat it too. After all, when you combine sweet dates with banana, almond milk, and creamy almond butter, it creates a mixture that’s so decadent you’ll swear it couldn’t possibly be healthy. 

This Wake-Up and Date Protein Shake is so delicious it tastes like a dessert for breakfast. And yet, it’s full of balanced nutrition and protein to help you start your day off right.

Ready to give any of these recipes a try? You can access these recipes and more in the complimentary recipe tool we provide to all of our Boxfit At Home Subscribers.

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