The Simplest Way to Support Fat Loss

This is very simple, but highly effective. So simple in fact, that you might decide not to take action. And that would be a mistake 😞 Are you ready ? 

Here it is ….

✅ Go to the kitchen.

✅ Get a glass.

✅ Fill it with water.

✅ Drink it down.

One simple way to support and facilitate fat loss is to STAY HYDRATED!!💧 It sounds so simple but it’s not easy. Something to motivate you is to remember if your body is not properly hydrated, functions like metabolism start slowing down. You will also tend to be hungrier, crave more junk 🍕 and feel more tired 💤 when you’re dehydrated. 

So drink more water 🚰!!! 

Is that it??🤷🏻

It sure is! WE ALL WOULD BENEFIT FROM DRINKING MORE WATER. It’s one thing that you have control over and will bolster your efforts for fat loss.

How much water do you need?

Magic formula: 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water. Take your weight divide in half and the number you get is how much in ounces you should aim to drink daily.

BOXFIT Pro Tip: Find a water bottle that you REALLY LIKE … put stickers on it … or do whatever you have to do to make yourself believe that this water bottle is the absolute coolest. Then fill it up and bring that water bottle with you everywhere you go. DRINK UP!

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