Boxfit Reveals The 5 Diet Disasters That Are Preventing You From Losing Weight

It’s frustrating isn’t it? You’ve tried practically every type of diet you’ve ever heard of and yet still that stubborn fat that sits around your waist, thighs and butt just doesn’t seem to shift.

In your quest to go from flab to fab you’ve ‘been there, done that and bought the T-shirt’ on every diet from high carb-low protein to low carb high protein and everything in between.

You’ve tried all of the Celebrity Diets and even gone to the extremes of 100% juice diets that have left you feeling light headed, nauseous and plain awful yet, when the smoke cleared on them all you found that nothing had changed. Sure, maybe a few grams here and there but nothing really amazing.
And the worst thing is that weight here and there ALWAYS seems to come back faster than they left and usually with an extra few kilos to keep them company!

Does this sound like the kind of experience you’ve always had whenever you’ve tried to shift weight, burn fat, tone up and get back into shape? If it does, don’t panic, you’re really not alone. In fact, this is the experience of the overwhelming majority with only the lucky few be able to boast of dramatic results in short time frames that stay off permanently. Well, not ‘lucky’ exactly, they’re simply doing things differently to you. Things that work consistently to generate results in terms of losing fat.

One thing’s for sure, they’re not committing the 5 dietary disasters that most people who are struggling with their weight seem to be on an almost daily basis.

Dietary Disaster #1- Eating Refined Carbs

Now, before you go thinking that carbs are bad, think again. 
They’re not only good for you, they’re vital to your health… as long as they’re eaten in their natural form. Trouble is, most of the carbohydrates in modern diets are of the processed, refined kind rather than those coming from fruits and vegetables. We’re talking white rice, breads, cakes, cookies, pastries, confectionary and plain old sugar, all of which are so refined that the body can’t extract any real nutrition from them. Worse still, the huge surges of insulin that these foods create within your body are literally commanding your body to store fat.

Avoid this dietary disaster by avoiding all refined carbohydrates and eat only those that are still in their natural forms like fruit and vegetables. Not only will you consume less calories overall but you’ll be getting tons of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that will guarantee speedier fat loss.

Dietary Disaster #2 – Consuming Processed Foods. 

Almost the same problem as disaster #1 but this extends to all foodstuffs and not just carbohydrates.

Consumption of processed foods is now the rule rather than the exception for the vast majority of people and it is this factor, perhaps more than any other, that practically guarantees you’ll be struggling with both your weight and general health for far longer than you have to. Simply put, processed foods are denatured. This means that most of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that contribute to making a food a useful addition to our health is extracted or changed so much during processing that our body doesn’t even recognize the foods as food. Because of this, our bodies store much of it as fat and then take on and hold more water beneath the skin to ‘dilute’ the toxic effects of these non-foods. 

The result is a gain in both weight and fat that goes far beyond the actual calories consumed. Avoiding this dietary disaster is simple. Eat only fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and poultryGive the boxed and packaged foods a miss and you’ll soon see the pounds fall off.

Dietary Disaster #3 – Consuming Too Much Caffeine. 

Talk to anyone about giving up their morning cup of tea or coffee and it’s almost like you’ve asked them to give up one of their children. They’ll fight you every step of the way and probably call you names too. There’s a reason for this; caffeine is hands down the most widely used drug on the planet. That’s right, it’s a drug, just like nicotine, cocaine, heroin, etc. Not only does it change your emotions, your reactions, your physical performance and your metabolism, but it also gives you all the nasty side effects of mainstream drugs when you try to quit it.

Just ask anyone who’s gone cold-turkey from caffeine and they’ll tell you about the massive headaches, irritability, aches, pains and flu-like symptoms they had to go through in order to get clear of the stuff. Caffeine is powerful stuff. So much so that it pushes the nervous system into fight or flight mode with every sip and, in doing so, stimulates your stress hormone ‘cortisol’ which has the effect of making it much harder to lose fat over time. In fact, it’s worse than that. High cortisol levels will practically guarantee that you’ll lose muscle and gain fat; the exact reverse of what most people are hoping for.

To avoid this dietary disaster, remove coffee, tea and fizzy drinks from your diet and drink herbal and fruit teas and refreshing water and you’ll soon see and feel a difference.

Dietary Disaster #4 – Cutting back on dietary fat.

Most people who’re desperate to lose fat tend to think that consuming fat in their diet will doom them to failure and so they cut back on practically all the fat they can find in their daily meals.

Big mistake! 
You see, fat is a vital component of a healthy body and healthy metabolism. Drop the fat consumption too low and your body perceives a threat to its survival and does the very opposite of what you want it to do. Instead of speeding up, it slows down the metabolism and does its best to hold on to those precious fat stores that you so desperately want to be rid of.

Let’s be clear here once and for all. Fat does not make you fat.
Certainly not the good fats anyway. It’s those trans-fats in vegetable oils and margarine that are the ones you want to be rid of most, not the good fats that you find in organic pork, free range poultry and net caught fish. Likewise, the fats in nuts, seeds and legumes are really good for you too and should definitely not be cut from your diet if you’re serious about losing fat.

Fat is not bad. It’s not your enemy and no, it definitely won’t make you fat if you’re consuming it in reasonable amounts. In fact, the opposite is true.

To avoid this dietary disaster, cut only the trans fats and vegetable oils from your diet but maintain a healthy intake of natural oils and fats from your foods, especially coconut oil and omega 3 fish oils which are practically a miracle food.

Dietary Disaster #5 – Cutting Calories

Most people who are trying to lose weight use calorie restriction as their FIRST resort rather than their last. As soon as they decide to lose a few kilos they start upon a program of semi-starvation where they miss meals, reduce all their portion sizes, opt for low calorie and ‘fat free’ options at the supermarket and even sacrifice 2 meals a day in favor of ’skinny shakes’ that promise to get them thin. Little do they know that calorie restriction is both unnecessary and, in most cases, counterproductive and that there is no reason whatsoever why they should ever have to weigh or measure a food to decide whether or not they’re ‘allowed’ to eat it.

Despite what they’ve been told, weight management has little to do with a mathematical equation such as calories in vs calories out. The body doesn’t work that way at all! The human body is more concerned with nutrients than calories. 

If you’re getting all the vitamins, minerals and other essential elements that you need through following a healthy and complete diet you’ll never have to count calories at all!

On the other hand, if your calories are high and the nutrition is low (as is the case in most processed foods) then your body will simply not stop sending you signals to eat regardless of whether or not you’ve eaten your daily requirement. Hunger and compulsive eating are about malnutrition NOT calories. 

As long as you eat healthy you’ll never need to count a calorie ever again. 

Avoid this dietary disaster by following the guidelines for the previous four. 

Only consume good quality, preferably organic natural foods that are not processed or tampered with in any way and your body will soon re-establish correct eating habits to maintain optimal health.

Well, there you have it. The five most common dietary disasters keeping you from losing fat and keeping it off for good. They’re not exactly rocket science are they?
In fact, they’re just common sense but, like all common sense advice, it’s not that common to see many people following it.

Try following it yourself by putting the advice you’ve learned here to the test and avoid these dietary disasters for just 30 days and see what kind of results you get.

We know you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised.

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