Think You Need To Detox? Think Again

Are you on a Detox diet?

A lot of people certainly seem to be at this time of year! Just yesterday, one of my clients told me about her detox plans. The first 7 days of the year, she buys a detox kit and follows the instructions to cut out all alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and refined carbohydrates - all while taking some supplements to help "detoxify" the liver and kidneys and extra fibre to help cleanse her colon. 

Is the detox going to significantly improve her health?

In my opinion, no, not really.
7-days of detox won't improve a healthy person's health status. But neither will it suddenly reverse the bad health status of someone who has made, by her own admittance, poor nutritional habits for the past 20 years.

In fact, I bet only 3 or 4 brave souls out of 100 unhealthy persons would actually finish a 7-day detox diet. Quite frankly, the sugar cravings and caffeine withdrawal would cause such severe withdrawal symptoms that most people wouldn't last 72 hours.

After all, caffeine is a powerful drug.

Detox diets might seem like a good idea, and might even give you peace of mind and help kick-start your New Year's resolutions, but just realize that they are not a quick fix to your health problems. The long-term fix is dumping a Western-Style Lifestyle, as I have said many times before. This style of lifestyle is made up of insufficient sleep and poor nutritional choices (fast food, processed food, excess sugar and fat), lack of regular exercise and dehydration.

Besides, if you think you can actually remove all the toxins in your body, you are being fooled. It can never happen.

Every breath you take, every move you make, you are creating waste products in your body. 

And many toxins are fat-soluble - meaning they are stored in our fat cells for months, and slowly released over time.
So you'll never truly detoxify...but enough of science class.

Just remember: 7 days of the cleanest living can't reverse 51 weeks of poor nutritional habits. And talking of habits, did you know it can take 21 days to form a new habit and as it happens, our brand new Movie Star Body Project is a 21-day program 😍🥳💪

So, if you are looking for a fun and effective way to jump start 2021, then why not come and join us. Our next Movie Star Body 21 Day Challenge starts on 11th January and we would love to have you on board.

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