Boxfit India

Get Realtime Feedback from Dedicated Instructor

A dedicated instructor will check your form, solve your doubts and keep you motivated in real time whilst you workout.

Enjoy Live Interactive Workouts With India's Best Instructors

Enjoy live interactive workouts with India's best instructors who hold you accountable whilst you have a workout that's also FUN!

Get Fit Anytime Anywhere

Online, offline, wherever you are, we got your back, fam!

Meet Your Trainers


When are the classes?

Classes will be Mon-Sat, on the BoxFit at Home app. You can access this on your phone or your laptop/ browser.

If I can't attend a live class, can I still do the workout?

Yes you can! After every session, we'll upload a recorded version of the workout. This will be available on the app/website.

Can beginners do this program?

Yes they can! The program is designed to increase in intensity as the weeks progress, so even if you're completely new to working out, you'll see amazing changes in your stamina, strength, and overall fitness levels by the end of 21 days!

Can I view only MSB classes on the app?

Nope, that's the best part! From the moment you're registered to the end of the program, you have full access to all our on-demand classes. 

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Discover What Your Body Type REALLY Is…

Discover What Your Body Type REALLY Is…

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Wake Up Routine

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Are you drinking enough water?

Are you drinking enough water?

Before we begin, let me just get one thing clear - the truth is there are no shortcuts to a lean body. It takes time, dedication, consistent training and good nutrition. Once you learn...
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